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In tertiary education the quality of your academic publication could mean the difference between becoming a world renowned scientist or a mere pass, or
even worse! At the University of Pretoria
it is no different, DocuSource has been providing a quality design and production service for many years to scientists. Producing scientific correct and professionally designed documents
for local and international seminar's
require more than just a printer, it
requires a partner that is commited to excellence.

DocuSource is that partner.

Strategic sourcing

Strategic sourcing can easily become just another buzz word, however when Drake & Skull required a Production Printing partner at their leading client SAA, DocuSource was asked to assist with a medium term outsourcing solution. . Located in the high security environment of Johannesburg International Airport , the 24 hour , 7 day a week Call centre for SAA could have been no more demanding.
The request from our customer Drake & Skull, received on a Friday afternoon, was to install and integrate within 24 hours a production printer into this environment – without any down-time or disruption.

For the highly skilled staff at DocuSource this was no problem, the machine was operational in no time.

Integrating Legacy Systems

Managing your legacy documents can become quite a problem, especially if
they are many years old and the
equipment used to read from the 35mm aperture cards, which is as old is beyond repair. With multi million rand project hinging on the legacy information, engineers at Aurecon found themselves ,br>in just this situation.
Requests to the original manufacturer
and numerous suppliers where all
fruitless, the retrieval of the information was doomed. The “can do” attitude of the staff at DocuSource however made quick work of an “impossible” task,
repairing the circuit boards and installing the antiquated Windows 3.1 compatible software on a Virtual PC,

DocuSource had the business critical scanning and archiving process up and running within days.

Inovation at Netsource

Our BluePrint Document Lifecycle Server is the culmination of many years of experience in the publishing industry.
It is an Intranet based, platform independent system to manage the creation, archiving and publishing of documents.
We utilise this server to deliver documents from anywhere in the world to our print facility in Lanseria. Using industry standards such as PDF and customised Job Ticket's we ensure that the quality of our publications, either on paper or in binary is world class.
BluePrint DLM is entirely customisable – ensuring that each customer's unique requirements are met.

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